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The Courage to Be Creative
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Have you ever felt a calling to engage in a creative activity or to make creativity a larger part of your life? Have you always wanted to share a message with the world, inspire others or make positive changes in society? Do you often get ideas about exciting projects, but rarely follow through?It takes courage to be creative, and, usually, the bigger your life purpose, the louder your fears. In this book, bestselling author Doreen Virtue shares insights from her 20 years of creative prolific output, including thewisdom and tools that enabled her to become the successful author of over 50 life-changing books, creator of over 30 stunning card decks and a worldrenowned speaker and workshop leader.In this encouraging and inspiring book, you will learn about:Action: starting before you're ready!Divine inspiration: following creative nudges and repetitive messages.Intrinsic rewards: creating to express, not to impress.Authenticity: making a project an honest reflection of your inner truth.Service: creative people are often healers and your creative projects canhelp others.Practicality: how to deal with common fears, delay strategies and thedoubts and criticism of others.Going public: practical information about sharing your work with theworld and earning an income from your projects.Doreen believes that creativity is a calling that can't be ignored. Being creative isn't just a hobby - it's a way of life. When we ignore the pull to be creative, we feel depleted, frustrated and lost, but by embracing our creativity, we finally start to find satisfying and lasting paths to happiness. Take your first steps towards creativity today without delay - you'll be glad you did!

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