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IPhoto '09 For Dummies
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iPhoto '09 is packed with cool photo-editing features, and iPhoto '09 For Dummies is your fast track to using every one. You'll learn to clean up and enhance your photos, print them or upload them to a sharing site online, create cool projects, protect and secure your pictures, and make photography more fun than ever. This full-color guide shows you how, and even helps you shoot future photos with an eye to iPhoto's capabilities. There's an easy exercise to get you started and plenty of beautiful full-color photos to show you the results you can achieve. You'll learn your way around the interface, what's new, and how to set preferences. * Discover how to create a well-organized, maintainable archive so you can find photos * Import and export photos from various sources, including card readers * Manage any import problems * Organize your collection using facial recognition and GPS technology * Crop, rotate, and enhance your images * Use a histogram and improve exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, and more * Set up a MobileMe gallery, send photos to Facebook or Flickr, make prints, and burn CDs * Get tips for successfully e-mailing your pictures and for printing your photos at home * Create photo greeting cards, calendars, or a travel book with maps that show where you took your pictures iPhoto '09 For Dummies even tells about cool add-ons and ideas for iPhoto. Learn to make all your photos the best they can be.

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